Monday, June 18, 2007

US Proposes New Visa Rules

Members of the US Congress are proposing an electronic monitoring system for travelers coming into the US from currently visa-waived EU states. The descriptions sound like it would function through a "ping" sent to security officials when travelers purchased their plane tickets... but there is also mention of a biometric process. From an International Herald Tribune article:
"It's really a 21st-century model," said James Carafano, a Heritage Foundation analyst who specializes in homeland security. "It'll all be done electronically and biometrically. And it really doesn't compromise your privacy."
Sounds like an air travel parallel to the SENTRI program in place at certain points in the US-Mexico border. These developments point to the development of surveillance technologies not so much as a method of discipline (i.e. catching "bad guys") but as a form of submission and convenience for those privileged enough to be mobile on a global scale.
Thanks to Marc for alerting us to the story!

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