Sunday, October 14, 2007

Juridical Tourism

The New York Times has a story on the Pentagon's plans for a portable judicial complex to be built in Guantanamo to serve as a courtroom and related needs, such as housing "550 court officials, lawyers, security guards and journalists from around the world."
The new portable design - "a $12 million “M*A*S*H” set for the age of terror," perhaps a fitting legal parallel to the Neocon idea of a faster, lighter army (put forward by Rumsfeld and others), has taken over previous plans for a $100 million dollar permanent court house.
Fredric I. Lederer, the director of the Center for Legal and Court Technology at the William and Mary School of Law quoted in the piece notes, “It’s something new... We do not normally design courtrooms that can be folded up and shipped.”
On another, not unrelated matter, Alternet has an article about Federal tracking of travel.

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