Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Punk Rock (and business) on Tour

Justin Moyer, of DC area rockers Antelope, is keeping a blog of their travels while on tour. I'm not sure why it's called "Iceland", but it discusses some great moments in professional tourism. Highlights so far are the recent post about being late to a French show that goes something like this:
P: All right! So, we understand you have been waiting for two hours for us to play! Well, we're gonna rock your socks off! Yeah!
C: (silence).
P: All right, baby! But before we rock (guitar tuning sounds)... let me tell you all about our drive. Goddamn, we are late! You must think we're real... how do you say?... assholes?
C: (silence).
After recently flying and noticing the sheer overwhelming number of apparently business-based travelers, we think some work on the Professional Tourist is in order. We've all seen them, and perhaps been one of them - those folks with bluetooth headsets siting tethered to an outlet working on a spreadsheet. Judging by the ads one encounters in US airports, one might assume these are the only people flying. How are the political economies of mobile sales and consulting (or rock and roll) linked with those of tourism?
I'm sure there is some good writing out there... and we've come across some essays in edited anthologies, but maybe there are some texts we're missing... anyone out there with any suggestions?

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