Friday, November 23, 2007

An Inconvenient Tourism

Relating back to our recent thoughts about sci-fi tourism, the great BLDGBLOG has a recent post about the intersection of apocalyptic visions of climate change and science fiction-enabled escapism. Using a series of photos by Pedro Armestre and Mario Gomez, made for Greenpeace, the post discusses the affective qualities of these graphic visions of rising sea levels, and what they may actually produce in segments of our Hummer-driving, bottled water drinking, Wii playing culture. Possibly a vision of the "adventure tour of a lifetime" rather than the desire to change the situation?
Our two-cents is that these depictions represent a future to come in a way that might be more handy for planning for such a scenario than convincing anyone of how or why to change policy. As Paul Virilio has written (and we paraphrase): ecological disasters are only a problem for civilian populations... for the military, they are an opportunity. And as more of our civilian infrastructure and leadership becomes militarized...
[Image: By Pedro Armestre and Mario Gómez via BLDG BLOG].

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