Saturday, April 5, 2008

Touring the Living Kitchen

An amazing Chicagoan that we just recently met, but have known about for a long time, Nance Klehm is leading a "series of informal foraging and cooking workshops that hopes to reorganize our connection to land, ourselves and our communities through the processing and sharing of local and regional foods."
It sounds great!
Here's an interview with her from a recent Weekend America.
Here's the schedule for the Living Kitchen/URBANFORAGE workshops (in Chicago) this Spring:

APRIL 20th, sunday 2-4pm
urbanforage walk humbolt park – meet at boathouse

10th, saturday, 2-4pm
urbanforage walk kinzie metra tracks – meet at kinzie & racine

14th, wednesday, 6-9:30pm
sprouting essene bread, raw crackers, nut milks, sprouting
learn the basics of sprouting and ways of using enlivened seeds

28th, wednesday, 6-9:30pm
raw milk cheese 1 - cultured butter, buttermilk, yogurt, yogurt cheese, ricotta and paneer we are using local raw milk. you will be taking home some of everything we make.

22nd, sunday 2-4pm
urbanforage walk medical district – meet at taylor & damen

28th, saturday. 9am -1pm
local medicine herbal tinctures/salves/syrups/linaments/lozenges/infusions
the solstice is the perfect time to forage and collect plants for medicinal use through the year. go home with some of everything we make.

For more information, including registration, email Nance at nettlesting+at+yahoo+dot+com.

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