Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Atlas of Radical Cartography

A new tool for critical tourism, or just people interested in mapping... NY based artists/writers Lize Mogel and Lex Bhagat are putting together an Atlas of radical Cartography. What is that, you ask:
"An Atlas of Radical Cartography pairs artists, architects, designers, and collectives with writers to explore the map’s role as political agent. These 10 mapping projects and critical essays take on social and political issues from globalization to garbage. An Atlas of Radical Cartography will be an important addition to the tremendous cultural momentum that links art, design, geography and activism through maps.
It will be published in Fall 2007 by the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press, Los Angeles, at a cover price of $25.00. Concurrently, an exhibition of the maps, titled “An Atlas,” will tour nationally. Participants include mapmakers / essayists:
An Architektur / Sebastian Cobarrubias, Maribel Casas-Cortes on migration in Europe;
Center for Urban Pedagogy / Heather Rogers on garbage flows in New York City;
Ashley Hunt / Avery Gordon on the global prison-industrial complex;
Institute for Applied Autonomy / Tad Hirsch on surveillance and “tactical cartography”;
Pedro Lasch / Alejandro DaCosta on migration in the Americas;
Lize Mogel / Sarah Lewison on geography, gentrification, and globalization;
Trevor Paglen & John Emerson / Naeem Mohaiemen on extraordinary rendition;
Brooke Singer / Kolya Abramsky on the contradictions of cheap energy in the US;
Jane Tsong / Jenny Price, D.J. Waldie, et al, on human impacts on LA’s water ecology;
Unayyan / Jai Sen on mapping the unintended city in 1980s Calcutta. "

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