Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Right to the Riparian City

Riparian City Emblem

On May 11, we (the Temporary Travel Office) will open our proposal for a Riparian City in Northeast Ohio, focused on the Doan Brook Watershed. The watershed is the land draining into Doan Brook, a creek that runs through the cities of Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Beachwood and Cleveland Heights. Our proposal is to re-imagine the geo-hydrological territory of the watershed as political landscape inhabited by human and non-human citizens. To bring this imaginary territory to life, we will be offering passports from an embassy temporarily staged at SPACES (as part of their Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau) in Cleveland until July 13. We're also soliciting suggested landmarks and points of significance within the watershed via a large scale map and on the web.
We're really interested in the bioregional territory, not as a utopian gesture that promises harmony between humans and the larger ecology, but as a point of entry into the problematics of practicing a political ecology. Our political borders don't become less problematic just because they're delineated by geology.
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